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Willkommen auf der Liebhaberseite von handgemachter Seife

Zur deutschen Ausgabe 

Many thanks to my dear cousin Gernot, 
who translated most of these pages 
from German into English.

Hello, Fans of Soaps !

Since several years I have been surfing through the internet, and I had to see how information, facts and data are more and more being replaced by marketing and advertising. More and more people want to sell rather than help. The old pioneering spirit of the internet is gone and has been replaced by commercial thinking.

I have lots of ambitious goals with this website. I don’t want to sell anything there, but rather help the same way which has also helped me, when through many nights of searching I could learn more and more about soaps and how to make them. Mainly sites in the US, Canada and Australia were completely open about details of soap manufacturing, unconcerned about fear of giving away trade secrets.

This website shall become a meeting point for all those, who are also interested in handmade soaps but who don’t have the time, motivation or opportunity to read through thousands of pages in english or in other languages.

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Transparent soaps

Bunte Seifen

Colored handmade soaps

  This website contains intentionally few graphical details in order to shorten the time for down-loading. To pass on information is more important to me than the artistic display of a page. These pages shall also be seen through older Browser versions 

Forum Naturseife.com

Some threads here also in english language

The forum is closed since Dec. 10, 2011

public threads are still readable

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